Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to have a scent in your cream you can add a few drops of essential oils. Please be mindful that you should only ever use very good quality essential oils and that you should do your own research to ensure the brand and oil you are using is suitable for your skin.
It is best to add the oil one drop at a time and mix thoroughly. Essential oils are very strong and I would recommend no more than 4 small drops per 50gm jar.
In order to minimise our carbon footprint our Naked Range of cream & body butter ingredients are sourced from local Qld suppliers. Our Clean & Fresh range contains ingredients that are sourced from Australian suppliers.
All of Simply Indispensable creams are packaged in amber glass jars. Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Temperature may have an affect on your cream which is why we recommend storing away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.
In our experience, with our market testing, our creams have maintained consistency across, NSW, Qld, SA, WA, ACT and the NT (including both northern NT and mid-NT).
Body Butter should be stored in a cool dry place.
Temperature will have an effect on body butter. Our body butters are whipped which give them a light fluffy appearance. If left in hot to extremely hot conditions (like in a locked car) the body butter will melt however once back in cooler conditions, such as room temperature, or below 30 degrees (or even the fridge for a few minutes) it will reset. Please note that if the body butter does melt the the appearance will be altered. When whipped body butters melt they lose their fluffy effect (much like a souffle when it loses the air). Whipped body butter has air through it which gives it the fluffy, light appearance. When it melts the nourishment of the ingredients don't change but it loses volume (due to the air in the product collapsing) and sets as more of a balm. On the flip side, if body butters are in cooler conditions they will become harder.
We recommend using the cream within six months of opening.
Our Naked Range contains face/skin creams and body butters that we handmake from scratch in small batches.
Our Clean & Fresh Product Range has some of the manufactured base ingredients sourced from other Australian suppliers.
Our Premium Foaming Goat Hand Wash is simply that, a Foaming Goats Milk hand wash. It lasts forever and leaves your hands feeling squeaky clean.
We also offer 2 types of liquid Goats Milk soap. In the same way different creams suit different people, the same applies for Goats Milk soap. Goats milk in soap is renowned for the benefits it provides to everyone, particularly those with sensitive skin.
There are however quite a number of different types of Goats Milk soap and it can be questioned as to the validity of the title ‘Goats Milk Soap’. A lot of these soaps contain powdered goats milk (which in itself is, ok) however the quantity of actual goats milk in the soap can be negligible.
We have 2 types of liquid Goats Milk soap (and of course our awesome Foaming Goat Liquid Hand Wash), all of which contain fresh goats milk. Goats Milk is the 2nd ingredient (behind water) in all of our liquid soaps so you can be assured that you are purchasing a product that is true to the title. Our Everyday Goats Milk Soap is perfect for people who would like a soap that can help nourish and moisturise their skin and are looking for something more natural to the mass produced soaps. This soap contains natural thickeners, surfactants and a natural fragrance. This is best suited for those without skin issues.
Where our Premium Bathing Goat Milk Liquid Soap differs from our Everyday Goats Milk Liquid Soap is that it is a 100% true soap and is completely unscented. What I mean by 100% true soap is that it doesn’t contain any natural thickeners, surfactants or fragrances – all of these have been known to cause irritation for some with skin problems such as sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis etc. Due to its nature it is a lot ‘thinner’ than soaps that have thickeners etc added. If you find it to be too thin we can give you some tips on how to thicken it. I would highly recommend the Premium Bathing Goats Milk Liquid Soap to anyone who does suffer from skin issues..
Absolutely! We are striving to make our products as enviromentally friendly as possible. Our creams are packaged in amber jars which can be reused after you've finished the cream. Give the jar a very thorough hot soapy wash and it is ready to reuse however you want.
We offer standard delivery and courier delivery. Please note that courier delivery cannot be to a PO Box. Your order will be packaged in a cardboard box and whenever posssible the padding used to keep your products safe will be recyclable. We will ship your parcel using a company that gives the quickest estimate on shipping time to your area.
Our shipping rates are calculated by weight if the order is below $50. We are striving to make shipping as economical as possible for you. In some instances we ship our boxes in satchels as we have found it cheaper to post the box in a satchel, in other instances it is better value to post as a box. We will ship your parcel using a company that gives the quickest, most economical estimate on shipping time to your area.
Tracking will be provided on all orders.
We take absolute care to ensure your parcel is packed so that it arrives safely to you. Unfortunately once it has left our hands we cannot be held responsible/liable for any parcels that go missing or are damaged in transit. If you wish to contact us about your parcel please contact us here.
We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Bank Deposit. At markets we of course also accept cash.
Definitely. Just fill out the form on our Contact page or send us a message via messenger or on Facebook and we will be in touch to discuss your order.
We do not have a retail outlet however there may be occasions whereby you can organise to pickup your order (we will be at markets as well where you may collect your order if you wish). Please drop us a line to discuss.