About Simply Indispensable


How did the Simply Indispensable products come about?

Unfortunately I can’t use a lot of products as the fragrances that are added to make them smell ‘appealing’ give me awful headaches. I have also become increasingly disturbed by the amount of chemicals in everyday skin care and thought there had to be a better way. If it isn’t something you would eat or drink why would you put it on your skin to be absorbed into your system? Fast forward to now and I have developed a range of skin cream than contains no added chemicals, artificial colours, preservatives, fragrances or even any essential oils.

Why no essential oils for aroma?
The simple answer is that even the most innocent of essential oils can give me horrendous headaches. So I decided to develop a range of skin cream where you can add a scent if you choose or you can, as I do, keep it au naturale.

Each batch is handmade in small quantities. Every ingredient used is natural and where possible organic. The colour and fragrance of the product is a result of the natural raw ingredients. The beauty of this is that if you choose to, you can add your own essential oils to lend your favourite smell to the cream. Essential oils are very powerful and it is important to note that as a rule of thumb only 4-5 drops are enough for a 50gm jar. I tend to mix one drop at a time. Remembering that in this case, less is definitely more. Please refer to our FAQ's for details on adding essential oils to our creams.

My Mum likes a subtle smell to her face and hand creams and we have made a few jars with different essential oils added. She has a jar with 4 drops of Rose Geranium essential oil added for a beautifully relaxing smell. Another jar has some Vanilla essential oil added which reminds me of a cake mix, one jar has a few drops of Aussie Orange mixed with a few drops of Ylang Ylang for a fruity fresh exotic smell and a final jar has a few drops of Lavender essential oil mixed in.

The choice is yours. You can now have skin cream that can smell the way you want.



What makes our products different to other Natural products?

This range has been created so YOU can control the fragrance of the product.

Most of our ingredients have little to no aroma at all. Having said that there are a few ingredients that do naturally have a slight aroma.

If you would like your cream to have a certain fragrance you can add a few drops of high quality essential oils to your jar.

Head over to our FAQ's for more details on how to add your essential oils.

Why have we not added any essential oils for aroma?

A single aroma creates different reactions in different people. I get terribly affected from fragrances that are seemingly innocuous. What is pleasant for one person is not for another. This is why we do not add any essential oils no matter how innocent they are.

We have created this range so that you are in control of how it smells!

The aroma in our finished product is derived solely from the raw ingredients used.